Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

Solar Thermal Flat Plate System

Solar Thermal flat plate systems supplied throughout Northern Ireland

Flat plate Solar Panels are slightly cheaper and more pleasing to the eye compared to Evacuated tubes. They consist of copper tubes sandwiched between two layers of high strength glass and a vacuum is created to help absorb the suns useful rays and also prevent heat from escaping. These panels can be installed on roof top of the roof or can be integrated within the roof.

The Flat plates are available in 2M2 and 2.5M2 panels. These panels can be linked together in any number depending on the Hot water and even heating demands of the building.

Solar Roof Panels

Onroof Kits

The Dimplex onroof solar thermal kits are the cheaper option of flat plate solar panels. The panels sit ontop of your slate or tiles and are fixed to the rafters beneath via coach bolts and fixing bars. They are very fast and simple to install.

Inroof Kits

The Dimplex Inroof solar thermal kits are the neater and less noticeable than all other Solar Panel options and can be mistaken for Velux windows. They fit into the roof directly ontop of the rafters and are flashed into the tiles to give an very tidy and water sealed finish. All necessary flashings are included.

Dimplex Flat Plate Panels

Advantage of Dimplex Flat Plate Panels

  • 10 Year Warranty on Panel
  • Optional Panel sizes of 2.02M2 & 2.5M2
  • Lightweight design
  • Fully integrated and on roof options available
  • High efficacy panel performance
  • Robust 22mm compression fittings
  • Rapid installation with only 6 main parts and unique click system
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Large collector surface area give high kWh outputs for maximum benefit in DEAP & SAP

Cylinder Options

A typical Flat plate system would be installed into a twin coil cylinder. A Twin Coil cylinder is a Hot Water cylinder with two coils that allow for the connection of your boiler/heat source and your solar thermal. Your boiler would only ever be required to provide heat into the Cylinder on Days when your Solar is not providing enough Heat.  These Cylinders are available in sizes ranging from 170 Litre to 3500 Litre depending of course on the hot water demand.