Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube System

Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal heating systems supplied in Northern Ireland

Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube SystemEvacuated Tubes are the most efficient and effective from of Solar Thermal. Evacuated Tubes have a copper tube running down the middle which is surrounded by Glass. A vacuum has been created between these two layers to absorb the suns useful radiation but prevent any heat from escaping.

These tubes are all linked together in a manifold to create one large solar collector. Typical 10 tubes create the surface collecting area of 1M2. The can be built in sections of 10 to any size required depending on the hot water and even Heating needs.

Rotating Vacuum tubes

Vacuum tubes can be individually angled toward the sun. The variable mounting capabilities of the collectors requires no extra cost for roof mounting.

Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube SystemDimplex Advantages

  • 20 Year Warranty on tubes
  • Direct-Flow and Heat-Pipe options available
  • High efficiency class-leading vacuum tubes
  • Rapid installation saving you money on installation
  • Multiple Manifolds can be plugged together with no gaps for large installations
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Large area gives high kWh outputs for Maximum benefit in DEAP and SAP

Cylinder Options

A typical Evacuated tube system would be installed into a twin coil cylinder. A Twin Coil cylinder is a Hot Water cylinder with two coils that allow for the connection of your boiler/heat source and your solar thermal. Your boiler would only ever be required to provide heat into the Cylinder on Days when your Solar is not providing enough Heat.  These Cylinders are available in sizes ranging from 170 Litre to 3500 Litre depending of course on the hot water demand.