Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

Solar Thermal Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland as in the Rest of The United Kingdom and Ireland Solar Thermal is quickly becoming popular on both New build and existing Homes, Schools, Offices, Leisure Centres, Care Homes and Hospitals.

We believe that when installing a system, a combination of both good quality and keen price is crucial. This is why we are proud to be a supplier of Glen Dimplex Solar.

Solar Energy is available in abundance all around us. Every Year The Sun provides 8000 time more energy than we consume globally.
Solar Water heating systems harness solar radiation to efficiently and effectively heat water stored within a Cylinder, ready for use whenever you need it.

Panel Orientation

The Orientation of the collector is very important to ensure as much sunlight as possible is captured. The optimal positioning for Solar Thermal Panels is on a south facing roof at a slope of 35° from Horizontal. Our Solar Thermal Collectors are highly versatile and can successfully be orientated south east to south west and only lose up to 20%  of the Maximum available power.

East-West Split

If you do not have a roof as above, you can still reap the benefits of Solar thermal. This can be achieved by using an East-West panel arrangement. An East-west panel arrangement involves having a panel on the east facing roof and a panel on the west facing roof, the duel pump station will then circulate heat from the panel which has solar gain depending on the time of day.
Solar Hot Water/Heating

When using our Thermal Store Cylinders the solar collectors provide hot water ( supplied at mains pressure ) and also contribute to the central heating . When the solar is maintaining the heating and hot water requirements at any time the central heating boiler will be switched off by the cylinder thermostat. When the solar or any other secondary heat source isn't keeping up with the heating/hot water requirements the boiler will automatically come on to help. We normally suggest four solar panels for our 280 lit. Thermal store and five panels for our 350lit. Also remember that if you are not intending to install solar panels at the same time as installing your heating/hot water system you can install them at any time in the future without ever having to change the cylinder and our cylinders have a lifetime guarantee

MCS Approved Installation

Part of our great service included MCS approved installation. And MCS approved installation entitles you to all available grants, paybacks and incentives that are currently available and will be available in the future.  The Current RHPP grant for Solar in Northern Ireland is £320.00 for installing a solar system. The current commercial RHI for systems under 200kWth is 8.8p per kWh. The Domestic RHI is due to start in early 2014.

Our Range at a Glance

  • Choice of Flat plate or Evacuated tube collector Kits
  • Range of Unvented cylinders from 170 Litre to 3500 Litre.
  • Can be fully integrated with Heat Pumps or conventional boilers
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water
  • Can Be fitted to slate, tile and flat roofs
  • Can be installed on roof or integrated within the roof complete with flashings
  • MCS Approved Installation